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Lifetime Chiropractic Testimonials

These chiropractic care testimonies were collected to help our patient's express their stories of healing as well as show others how they, their families or their loved ones can heal and find health.We sincerely thank our patients who inspire us daily. We cherish the kind words that were said about this clinic and what happens here. We ask that as you read, you recognize the people in your life who you love and care about and that may find help from a chiropractor.  We don't ask that you send them here, but rather relay the message of what chiropractic can do for them.


Shows the world how much you're appreciated

I was a typical skeptic of Chiropractic care until waking one morning and I couldn't stand up straight. Orthopedic doctors prescribed medications, rest and physical therapy. None of which worked well. Upon suggestion from our neighbor and in desperation, I went to see Dr. Matt. That made all the difference.

It was a process for me to begin to learn and understand my body, how it worked, and how it didn't. What I could do and shouldn't do.

Dr. Matt was extremely patient and kind as we worked through what chronic pain was and what it wasn't but more importantly, how to make it not a part of my life any longer.

That was 5 1/2 years ago! Time flies! During those years I found myself dealing with some other medical issues that left me sidelined for months at a time. It was Dr. Matt's expertise and care that helped bridge my time from surgery through recovery.

Since then my family has also looked to him to put them back in the game of life.

Getting an appointment is easy. He is in his clinic far more than any other Chiropractor I've heard of. Honestly, this brings peace of mind when life's chores and tasks can take a toll.

Thank you for ALWAYS being there, caring for me, and being someone I can count on.


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